Transparent glazing facade structures and aluminium structures

With what we work

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    Malls and business centers

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    Cottages, pools, saunas, hotels and restaurants

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    Medical and sports facilities

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    Administrative complexes

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    Residential buildings

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    Transport terminals

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10 years experience


more 200 completed projects

Work in countries of Europe

MKS Facade is specialized in a comprehensive implementation of construction projects of various purposes. We offer our clients, who are in search for the most successful solutions of their construction ideas, the most up-to-date facade technologies in Lviv.

The best specialists of MKS Group of Companies will help you in implementing your projects on facade glazing of any complexity, applying the innovative technologies and high-quality aluminium profiles, glass and double-glazing.

Facade panels that we use to bring your construction design to life comply with all international quality standards by all parameters. They undergo strength and environmental resistance testing.

Materials used in the facade production withstand high temperature fluctuations, retain their technical and decorative properties for a long period of time.

Design department of our company develops projects for architectural solutions that satisfy even the most demanding clients.

MKS Group of Companies actively participates in design, construction and reconstruction of shopping centers, business centers, administrative buildings, entertainment and hotel complexes, fuel filling stations, transport terminals, sports facilities, as well as residential buildings glazing.

We take care of our clients: in our structures we use glass and facade panels of world leading manufacturers, as well as high-quality fittings.

Our projects

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Materials and fittings of leading manufacturers

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