Suspended ceiling

What types of suspended ceiling exist?

There are several types of suspended ceilings made of aluminium profile. Each type has its own peculiarities, but all of them are suitable for wide range of applications, they are easily mounted, functional and comfortable in use.

Suspended strip ceilings may vary in colour, with mirror or chrome-plated surface resembling gold or silver. Technically, they differ in the strip width, profile, and mounting method. Especially eye-catching appearance of strips is achieved when combining strips and insert strips of different colour.

Lay-in ceiling is the structure of separate rectangular or square tiles. The ceiling is mounted by inserting the tiles into pre-installed frame. The panels being used may have different coatings: matte, glossy, mirror, etc.

Because of the high moisture-resistance properties, easy mounting and hygienic properties, strip and lay-in ceilings are widely used.

Open-grid ceiling has a very interesting appearance. Its structure is aluminium decoratively coated strips running in parallel.  Wide range of applications allows mounting such ceilings in premises of various purposes.

Suspended aluminium ceilings are widely used for indoor and outdoor cladding.

Suspended aluminium ceilings are used for:

  • Shopping and entertainment complexes, hotels.
  • Business centers, car showrooms.
  • Transport terminals.
  • Sports complexes.
  • Private residences.

Having vast experience in dealing with aluminium ceilings (aluminium strip ceiling, open-grid, lay-in ceilings), expansion of product range offered, MKS-Facade provides today a wide selection of interior solutions with different combinations of systems, materials used, decorative coating and colour designs.

It should be noted that suspended aluminium ceilings allows comfortable arrangement of utility lines and their unrestricted maintenance when necessary. They also provide good sound absorption and water and corrosion resistance.

Specialists of MKS-Facade will help you in selection of suspended ceiling that complies with your requirements and all specifications of the facility.


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