Open-grid ceiling

Open-grid ceiling (open cell ceiling) is used for interior solutions, as well as for outdoor covering of canopies, entrance groups and open shelters.

Open-grid ceiling is used for premises of multiple purposes:

  • Administrative complexes.
  • Residential buildings.
  • Office and shopping centers.
  • Medical and sports facilities.
  • Cottages, pools, saunas, hotels and restaurants.


Types of open-grid (open cell) ceilings:

  • Classic griliato.
  • Louvre griliato.
  • Pyramidal griliato.

Suspended open-grid ceilings are made of aluminium tape with protective decorative coating.

Suspended open-grid ceilings (Griliato, open cell) have a number of advantages:

  • Open grid ceilings visually expand the space.
  • Utility lines may be designed under open grid ceiling.
  • Open grid ceiling provides unrestricted access for utility lines maintenance.
  • Equal width of front profile and suspended system create the vision of solid surface of the ceiling.
  • Efficient sound absorption is due to grid-like structure of the ceiling.
  • Open-grid ceiling facilitates quick smoke removal.
  • Flammability class of the open-grid ceiling is Г1 (low-flammable).
  • Corrosion-resistant coating of panels.
  • Used in premises with high humidity level.
  • Wide range of colours, RAL and NCS are made to order.
  • Ready open-grid ceilings have no expansions between fixing points, so they do not hang down in the process of use.


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