Lay-in ceiling

Metal lay-in ceiling by MKS Facade have approved themselves on the market of Ukraine.

Suspended metal lay-in ceilings are characterized by high hygienic features, moisture-resistance and flexibility, that is why they are widely used in office centers, shopping and entertainment centers, water parks, sports facilities, and are the most stylish design solution.

Metal lay-in ceilings are made of thin sheet metal or aluminium with application of decorative coating: matte and glossy colour, polymer coating, mirror metallized layer.

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Advantages of lay-in ceilings:

  • The structure provides unrestricted access for utility lines maintenance.
  • It is possible to hide utility lines in the ceiling space.
  • Tiles are corrosion-resistant.
  • No deformation.
  • Flammability group is Г-1 (low-flammable).
  • Easy mounting (common suspended systems and fittings are used).
  • Durability, moisture-resistance.
  • Wide colour range with various decorative coatings.

Specifications of metal lay-in ceilings:

Metal ceilings are made of galvanized steel 0.5 mm thick and coated with dense layer of powder polyester-based paint. Metal lay-in ceilings are offered as visible and concealed suspended systems.

Combined with clip-in profiles, these tiles form a solid ceiling.

Clip-in system composition clip-in

  1. Carrier
  2. Clip-in profile
  3. Hold-on clamp
  4. Tile

If using lay-in profile, profile elements that divide tiles are visible.

Lay-in system compositionlay-in

  1. Lay-in ceiling carrier
  2. Cross carrier 1200
  3. Cross carrier 600
  4. End profile
  5. Tile

Metal is not an acoustic material, so perforated metal lay-in ceilings are used to improve sound-absorption properties (hole diameter is 1.8 mm, distance between holes is 5 mm). If additional improvement of acoustic properties of suspended metal ceiling is necessary, special coating of mineral fibre or fibre glass is applied to the reverse side of the tile.


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