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Types of buildings suitable for ceramic granite facades:

Shopping and business centers
Administrative buildings
Residential property

What is fiber cement?

Fiber cement is a mineral composite material with unique physical and aesthetic properties. The facade materials are manufactured in accordance with the advanced technologies at the plants of Germany and Belgium. Fiber cement consists of cement, cellulose and mineral substances reinforced with visible matrix.

The fiber cement facade consists of


1. Load bearing wall

2. Rivet

3. Aluminum guide

4. Mineral wool with glass fiber

5. Insulation anchor

6. Fiber cement plate

7. Thermal insulating substrate under bracket

Buildings with the fiber cement facades

Advantages of the fiber cement facades

  1. Possibility to construct large-scale enclosing structures and at the same time implementation of the creative ideas based on the conventional building technologies.
  2. Lightness and durability. The system is of minimal thickness and lighter construction weight though presenting maximum advantages.
  3. Minimum heat loss and biological protection. The construction principle facilitates decrease of heat loss, condensate and mould formation.
  4. Ecological material.
  5. The service life of fiber cement panels is over 50 years even in the severe operating conditions.

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