Facade glazing of any complexity
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Aluminium transparent glazing systems with service life over 80 years

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Types of buildings suitable for facade glazing

and business centers
and hotel

Advantages of facade systems

  1. Electric and heat energy saving thanks to the maximum natural illumination in the building premises and efficient heat storage.
  2. Improved fire safety due to nonflammability.
  3. Impermeability and durability of transparent glazing systems ensures efficient structure protection against a negative impact of the environment.
  4. Long service life that exceeds 80 years.
  5. Facade systems make any building more prominent from the architectural point of view and more aesthetic.
  6. Ecologically friendly. Aluminium is called “green metal”. It is free from heavy metal impurities, does not emit any harmful substances when exposed to the external environment.

We use Belgium systems of aluminium profiles Reynaers

Profile for sliding systems

This is a premium insulating slide and lift-slide door system. Improved safety, aesthetic look and comfortable use.

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Profile for translucent roofs

Heat-insulated greenhouse profile system for roofs. Wide range of styles and configurations are available, which makes it possible to implement any architectural design.

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Door aluminium profile

Innovative door system with improved insulation, aesthetic design and high heat-insulation level.

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Window aluminium profile

Heat-insulating window system of inward opening complies with the highest insulation, safety, and rigidity requirements and criteria.  Numerous possibilities of combining the window system and door system of the same type make this system extremely versatile for any architectural concept.

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Facade aluminium profile

This is a column-beam facade system that makes a building open for daylight and allows the architect to bring any idea to life. The system numbers 10 options that differ in appearance.

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  • Toyota-Center, Chernigov, Prospekt Mira, 167
  • 63v Sheptytskoho St., Chervonohrad
  • Skoda Service Station 52-B Promyslova St., Lviv
  • Hubin Poultry Farm 30 Sokalska St., Novovolynsk

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