Production of glass office partitions
all over Ukraine.

Production and installation will take 14 days, 10 years guarantee.

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Advantages of office partitions

  1. It is possible to quickly install and construct partitions of different height and size, with any door options.
  2. Aesthetic and modern appearance.
  3. High level of sound insulation, ergonomics.
  4. Materials used are ecologically friendly.
  5. Service life constitutes 80 years.
It is impossible to arrange office space in the large area premises in a coherent and ergonomic way without using office aluminium and glass partitions. In offices having workplaces for a great number of employees, office space should be demarked by sectors to decrease noise level, improve mental comfort of people, which contributes to increasing the work performance – this is what glass partitions are used for.
Each glass movable panel may function as a opening door. Doors are equipped with various door closers, available in multiple options. Bearing and guiding tracks are located on top, allowing the floor to stay intact. Track is fixed to the ceiling or horizontal substructure. Bushings or locking plates are installed on the floor as locking elements.

What are the component parts of glass partitions?

Glass partitions are structures that consist of 90% glass and 10% fixing fittings (aluminium profile, point fixing).

Are glass partitions safe?

Glass partitions are made of tempered glass, which is few times harder than usual (raw) glass. Such glass is very hard to break. Even when damaged, tempered glass falls apart into small rounded pieces (approximately 1 cm), so it is hard to get injured. If necessary, tempered glass may be additionally coated with decorative film that improves the strength of partitions.

Why our partitions are installed in more than 24 offices?

Materials from trusted
European manufacturers
More than 200 colours
and options of structures
Experienced civil engineers
10 years guarantee
Installation within 14 days
Free consultation
and design calculation

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