"Turn-key" ventilated ceramic granite facade systems.
50 years guarantee.

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Types of buildings suitable for ceramic granite facades:

Shopping and business centers
Administrative buildings
Residential property

What is ceramic granite facade?

Ceramic granite facade systems represent up-to-date and one of the most popular solutions for facing of the building facade.

Ceramic granite looks like natural stone by its color and appearance and surpasses the latter by its technical properties: it is lighter and has a wide color range.

One of the advantages of the ceramic granite hinged ventilated facade systems is absence of wet processes when facing of the facade which makes it possible to complete the installation works at any time of the year without preliminary preparation of the facade.

The ceramic granite facade consists of:


1. Load bearing wall

2. Bracket

3. Aluminum guide

4. Cleat

5. Mineral wool with glass fiber

6. Insulation anchor

7. Ceramic granite plate

8. Thermal insulating substrate under bracket

Buildings with ceramic granite facades

Advantages of ceramic granite facades:

  1. Absolute frost and water resistance (up to -50 C, water absorption — 0.05 %).
  2. Mechanical durability is higher than of any natural stone (failure load is up to 450 kg).
  3. Resistance to acids and alkalies.
  4. Increased sound-proofing qualities.
  5. Sunproof, uniform color on large surfaces.
  6. Increased sound-proofing qualities.
  7. Wide color range.
  8. 50 years guarantee.
  9. Reliability and safety of fixing structure.
  10. Fire resistance. Non-combustible material group.
  11. Easy processing and installation.

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